Jessica Nicole Lookbook Shoot

Happy July Everyone!! Hope you all are enjoying the summer!

I completely love the summer months, especially those really hot, dry days. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So far, this summer I’ve been super busy. I’ve been working on a bunch of different shoots and am really excited to share the images.

Here are a few from a Lookbook shoot I did for the Jessica Nicole online boutique. I only received a few headshots so far but I think they look great and can’t wait to see more. Check them out!

Male Models in New York City

So, last week I ventured into New York City to shoot with an agency male model and stylist for a lookbook. I loved it.


I’ve been to New York a bunch of times but it still totally confuses me. And I’ve never been to Brooklyn. So I had a bunch of fun exploring.

The shoot took place in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. The train from Manhattan dropped me off only a few blocks from the studio. My walk down Kent Street was beautiful and at one point I even said to myself that I could live there. I loved everything about it, it was gorgeous. Of course I took pictures.

brooklynflowers    ny

How pretty?! LOVE IT. I had an incredibly fabulous day overall. The shoot went great and my model was lovely. I’m really looking forward to sharing the photos! And I even had the chance to run up with some old friends. I’m really looking forward to my next visit!

Check back often for more photos from my latest shoot!

MUFE 11 Foundation Palette

Something that I’m totally obsessing over and I think everyone should know about, is the Make Up For Ever 11 Foundation Palette.

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 10.56.35 PM

This palette is literally everything you need for foundation, highlight and contour. And it can be matched to every skin tone. How great, right?! AMAZING.

This palette is definitely the most portable of all my foundations and concealers. The pan stick shades are easy to blend and easy to build, allowing for light to full coverage. The placement of the wells in a clear container make color matching a cinch.

The colors from top right to left are: 070 White, IVOR Ivory, CF1 Porcelain, P6 Light Beige, 5W Medium Beige, 6W Warm Beige

Empty Well, P2 Pink Beige, 7W Mat Beige, 8W Golden Beige, P4 Caramel, 10W Chocolate Beige

The Ivory and Chocolate Beige colors are my favorite for highlight and contour. I use the lightest color Ivory to highlight under the eyes and above the cheek bones. I also put a little on the forehead and on the brow bone. The deepest color, Chocolate beige, is use for contour in the hollows of the cheeks, along the jawline, nose, and the forehead around the hairline. I sometimes like to apply contour from the nose into the brow and above the highlight near the temples. I find the white to come up too white for highlight but is really nice for mixing.

I also use the Porcelain and Medium Beige colors pretty frequently on clients.

If you’re a lover of custom matching foundations, perfectly placed highlights and Kardashian contour, this palette is definitely for you.

Lorac Pro Palette

I recently acquired a new must have: the Lorac Pro Palette!


This baby is gorgeous. I’ve had my eye on it for a few weeks and finally decided it needed to be mine. I’ve only seen it in store a few times. The day I went to pick mine up, it was out of stock so I ordered it from Ulta.

This palette is a must have for me. I can accomplish so many looks from one versatile palette, which totally cuts down on what I need to carry in my kit.

The colors are all fantastic and all have great pigmentation. The top row houses matte colors ranging from white to black, with the bottom row in all sheer shimmer colors. Basically the essentials to build anything. I’m in love.

I’ve used this palette to create a variety if looks. Soft bridal looks can be achieved by using the pink, mauve, espresso, white and cream colors. While the deep purple, black and espresso colors can be used to create a slightly more dramatic look. I’ve even used just the different shades of brown to smoke out my eye for that perfect Kim K look.

Not only is this now an essential to my kit, it’s also an essential to my personal makeup bag. I would highly recommend checking out the Pro Palette next time you’re at Ulta. Oh and word on the street, the lines now available at Kohls.

The Lorac Pro Palette retails for $42- best price ever! Check it out and make sure to let me know what you guys think in the comment section below!


Make Up For Ever Pro Takeover

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Make Up For Ever Pro Takeover! The event is taking place across the country in selected cities and lucky for me, King Of Prussia was one! I totally would have gone to New York for it, fyi.

I received an email a few weeks ago for the opportunity to register and attend a MUFE Pro class hosted by top industry professionals. Upon seeing the invite, I immediately seized the opportunity and signed up. At the time, I was only able to register for two classes so I chose the first two of the day: Fundamental Flash Color with Jessie Powers and Glamorous Bridal Beauty with Jayme Arrasmith. After arriving, it was announced that everyone was welcome to stay for all or as many classes as they would like. So I stayed for the entire day. FAB CHOICE.

The Fundamental Flash Color class with Jessie Powers was all about using the 12 Flash Color Case for the entire face. Can I just say, I’ve been obsessing over this flash case for a while. I’ve done tons of research on the palette and even looked up similar products. Still I wanted it. Jessie’s class was a great opportunity to see it used in person, on the entire face! This palette can literally be used for anything. Foundation, highlight, contour, cheek, lip, eye, brow. Everything. Jessie’s look was awesome and I’m so glad I was able to watch her demo the palette.



The second class of the day with Jayme Arrasmith was all about Bridal work. Perfectly selected products blended with a few tips and technique tricks, made for a perfect modern bride, achieved with all Make Up For Ever products. Jayme did a really well done smokey brown eye- very a la Kim K. She brought color to her cheeks and lips and lightly smoked out her eye. She kept everything matte (except for a few highlights) by using Super Matte Loose Powder. She gave the model a light, natural brow and added a few contours around the face. The look was easy and looked amazing. I really enjoy watching other artists work. Something Jayme said during her class and I find to be very true, is that you never really stop learning. I love improving myself as an artist and a really good way for me to do that is by taking classes and learning and networking from other industry professionals. I had a great time watching Jayme work and think she’s a great artist. Jayme is the Head Makeup Artist at the Make Up For Ever boutique in the King Of Prussia Mall.

jaymebridal1 jaymebridal3jaymebridal2


Later in the day Jayme hosted another class called Sculpted Highlight and Contour. She demonstrated two different ways she applies and blends both highlights and contours to make them look super natural. Majority of both was done with the 11 Foundation Palette and some powder.



There were also a Regional Artist Spotlight Demonstration with James Vincent. At first when I saw the class schedule, it didn’t dawn on me that the person teaching this class was the James Vincent. I was super excited when I realized. I’ve followed him on twitter for a while now and absolutely love his work. I highly suggest looking him up. This man has worked with EVERYONE and is really someone to look up to. James hosted the demo class and also conducted another that was all about the business end of the industry. During the demo, James spotlighted some products he loves and explained some quick and fun techniques used to quickly work backstage and on sets. His look was very fashion trend with an orange lip. Beautiful. His Business Breakdown class was the last of the day and was awesome. Listening to a top industry professional talk about how he’s accomplished all of this from nothing and noting all the things that have gotten him there, was really the highlight of the entire event, for me anyway. I was able to take away some great advice from James and can not wait to continue to brand myself and explore new opportunities. Thanks James!



I also purchased some new products that I’ll be reviewing in a later post. Some of the products are linked above.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone at the KOP boutique and the artists that traveled from NYC to attend. I can’t wait for the next Pro Takeover!



Networking with Social Media

I finally caved and decided to make a facebook page for Racheal Doucette Beauty.

I think social media is so easy to use. Very often when I google a person or business, I find myself looking at their facebook page for more info and even photos.

The facebook page for Racheal Doucette Beauty can be found at

I hope to link updates, blog posts and new images daily.

Check it out!


Feedback on the new site

I’ve been incredibly busy trying to promote my new website and existing business. And with that, I would love to hear from my viewers! Please leave some comments about things you like, dislike and would like to see. My goal is to continuously improve and everyone needs critical feedback to do so!

Many thanks in advance!