color matching

MUFE 11 Foundation Palette

Something that I’m totally obsessing over and I think everyone should know about, is the Make Up For Ever 11 Foundation Palette.

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 10.56.35 PM

This palette is literally everything you need for foundation, highlight and contour. And it can be matched to every skin tone. How great, right?! AMAZING.

This palette is definitely the most portable of all my foundations and concealers. The pan stick shades are easy to blend and easy to build, allowing for light to full coverage. The placement of the wells in a clear container make color matching a cinch.

The colors from top right to left are: 070 White, IVOR Ivory, CF1 Porcelain, P6 Light Beige, 5W Medium Beige, 6W Warm Beige

Empty Well, P2 Pink Beige, 7W Mat Beige, 8W Golden Beige, P4 Caramel, 10W Chocolate Beige

The Ivory and Chocolate Beige colors are my favorite for highlight and contour. I use the lightest color Ivory to highlight under the eyes and above the cheek bones. I also put a little on the forehead and on the brow bone. The deepest color, Chocolate beige, is use for contour in the hollows of the cheeks, along the jawline, nose, and the forehead around the hairline. I sometimes like to apply contour from the nose into the brow and above the highlight near the temples. I find the white to come up too white for highlight but is really nice for mixing.

I also use the Porcelain and Medium Beige colors pretty frequently on clients.

If you’re a lover of custom matching foundations, perfectly placed highlights and Kardashian contour, this palette is definitely for you.