Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

A product that I’ve recently acquired but have yet to write about is the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette.

kat von d

Available at Sephora and retailing for only $46, this magnetic palette is a key item to throw in my bag and keep with me all day. Unlike the Anastasia contour kit, this palette has a huge mirror which is great for on the go applications and touch ups.


3 lighter shades and 3 darker, all provide fabulous pigmentation while still keeping their blend-ability. The lightest highlight and banana colors, Lucid and Lyric, are pretty standard to most contour kits in the past year or so. The third lightest shade named Levitation is more of a peach color. I find this color to work well for under eye circles, layered as a base blending the other lighter shades out. The 3rd tray in most other powder palettes, is usually some kind of shimmer highlight. I rarely find myself using those shimmer shades however, they do look nice on Brides.


Now, all of the contour colors in the palette are great. The darkest shade, Subconscious, reminds me of the deepest color in my Master Class palette, just slightly warmer. The medium shade, Sombre, is fabulous for all over bronzing. And the lightest contour shade is Shadowplay. This color reminds me of the muddiest color in the Anastasia palette, but again slightly warmer with some orange tones. Blending all 3 of these colors starting with the deepest into my highlight, sculpts the perfect cheek bone. I also like the tiniest bit of the deep Subconscious shade around the hair line and jaw bone to bring color and shape to the face.


Something fun I’ve used this palette for: Smudging out my eyeliner using the darkest shade Subconscious. Personally, I love to wear my eyeliner to the shape of my eye, not too overdrawn, and smudged out. To achieve this look I first start with a gel pencil liner. After smudging my liner with a brush to the shape of my eye, slightly higher on my outer corners, I then set the liner with a black shadow. Using the darkest color in the Kat palette, I create a shadow above my liner, ultimately blending the black shadow with the brown shadow, blending up towards my crease. The color seems to fade out with no distinctive lines. Give it a try!


Overall, I really enjoy this palette. The price point of $46 is incredibly reasonable for the size of the pans but the colors are truly what make the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette shine. Long lasting and rarely requiring a touch up, this has been my favorite highlight and contour purchase thus far. I don’t know that I’ve found anything negative about it and would highly recommend it to others! 🙂


Have you tried this palette? Please share your reviews!

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MUFE 11 Foundation Palette

Something that I’m totally obsessing over and I think everyone should know about, is the Make Up For Ever 11 Foundation Palette.

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 10.56.35 PM

This palette is literally everything you need for foundation, highlight and contour. And it can be matched to every skin tone. How great, right?! AMAZING.

This palette is definitely the most portable of all my foundations and concealers. The pan stick shades are easy to blend and easy to build, allowing for light to full coverage. The placement of the wells in a clear container make color matching a cinch.

The colors from top right to left are: 070 White, IVOR Ivory, CF1 Porcelain, P6 Light Beige, 5W Medium Beige, 6W Warm Beige

Empty Well, P2 Pink Beige, 7W Mat Beige, 8W Golden Beige, P4 Caramel, 10W Chocolate Beige

The Ivory and Chocolate Beige colors are my favorite for highlight and contour. I use the lightest color Ivory to highlight under the eyes and above the cheek bones. I also put a little on the forehead and on the brow bone. The deepest color, Chocolate beige, is use for contour in the hollows of the cheeks, along the jawline, nose, and the forehead around the hairline. I sometimes like to apply contour from the nose into the brow and above the highlight near the temples. I find the white to come up too white for highlight but is really nice for mixing.

I also use the Porcelain and Medium Beige colors pretty frequently on clients.

If you’re a lover of custom matching foundations, perfectly placed highlights and Kardashian contour, this palette is definitely for you.