Shifting Gears

Long before I ever started this site, which is mainly to showcase my portfolio and book jobs, I had two blogs.

Those blogs, mostly beauty and fashion write ups just for fun, turned into a little hobby. It’s really exciting to wake up in the morning and see how many people have visited your post!

I eventually started learning how to drive more traffic by adding tags which I found so interesting. Then I started linking products.

This was probably about 10 years ago. Instagram was just becoming a thing and I don’t even know that the term blogger was even being used. At the time I was really only following YouTube bloggers or Vloggers, whatever.

When I created RDB, I moved some of my old content over and started writing new pieces, linking products, adding tags, checking my daily traffic… It was something I loved!

Somewhere, I kind of just stopped writing new content. Not really sure why.


I’d like to shift gears and change the dynamic of my site to be more blog based. Putting together this site has been a very therapeutic experience over the years and has always been a creative platform. I’m excited to add to it and create new layers of what RDB is and can be.

Really just dying to talk about all of my Covid purchases! And everyone knows I’m full of hilarious stories…

Follow along and come back for new content! Working on it!